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Updated on Wednesday 18th October 2017

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The Public Register of Commerce of Argentina, with the main office in Buenos Aires, is in charge of registering the companies in the country whether they have local or foreign capital. The institution supervises the incorporation of anonymous companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, subsidiaries, joint ventures or branches. With complete support in documents matters for the business registration from our company formation agents in Argentina, an entrepreneur can understand the terms and conditions related to company incorporation, in order to start the activities in a rapid manner.

Important aspects about the Public Register of Commerce in Argentina

The Public Register of Commerce in Argentina issues the identification number for each company, in compliance with the Civil and Commercial Code. Entrepreneurs can ask for information about a certain company and can make verifications with the Trade Register in Argentina. It is good to know that companies from abroad which intend to register a branch in Argentina are obliged to provide to the Public Register of Commerce the complete documentation, including a recent declaration of profits issued by an accountant in the country of origin. Such document will only be accepted if it is adapted to the legal norms regarding the conversion of the financial declarations in Argentina. Please consider that, for a better understanding of the requirements in company incorporation in Argentina, you can solicit information and guidance from our specialists in company formation in Argentina.

Steps in registering an LLC in Argentina

Limited liability companies in Argentina are preferred forms of businesses in the country by both local or foreign investors. Such entity can be registered with the Public Register of Commerce in Argentina if the following requirements are fulfilled:

•    verify the company name with the Office of Corporations in Argentina and reserve it;
•    prepare the Articles of Association;
•    certify the signatures of the stockholders at a public notary;
•    make proof of the deposited minimum share capital;
•    pay the company registration tax.

Once these steps are fulfilled, the owners of the company must register for tax purposes with the National Tax Office in Argentina which issues the tax identification number of the firm, and then register for social security with the Sistema Unico de Seguridad Social.

We invite you to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Argentina if you need more details about the Public Register of Commerce in Argentina and the regulations related to a company registration in the country.