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Updated on Wednesday 25th May 2022

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Startups are one of the most popular types of businesses around the world and they can also be created in Argentina. The procedure for setting up such a venture in this country is the same as for any other type of company and it applies to local and foreign investors. Moreover, Buenos Aires is one of the best startup hubs in Argentina.
If you are planning to initiate startups in Buenos Aires, you are welcome to get in touch with our company incorporation agents in Argentina. They can provide you with comprehensive assistance if you want to start a business in Argentina

Reasons to initiate startups in Argentina 

Argentina is now in a more nationalist phase, and it is aiming to boost local industry and rely less on imports, having a local incorporated presence is even more important for companies wishing to initiate startups in Argentina. Many international business owners, however, believe the paperwork and problems associated with establishing startups in Buenos Aires to be worthwhile, owing to the abundance of opportunities and local talent. When contemplating incorporating into Argentina, it is advisable to seek the advice of professionals and firms with local knowledge. It is a legally complicated country, with laws changing and being introduced regularly, especially during a period of economic uncertainty.

Business prospects, international alliances, industrial innovation, and invention bloom when national governments focus their efforts on economic growth and courting foreign direct investment. Naturally, as the veins of Latin America's economic body swell with opportunity and innovation, more and more companies spring up. Argentina has long been a major economic force in the area. Startups in Argentina are now receiving a lot of attention as well. It offers a solid basis on which to establish startups and enterprises on a national scale. A few firms have already found success in this country. 
Argentina has a diverse range of sectors that are both influential and profitable. The industries given below are the country's largest and the most successful industries, they are still striving for new ideas and improvements.
1. B2B services in Argentina
The Entrepreneurship Law was approved by Argentina's government in 2017, to reduce the bureaucracy of the startup process and provide incentives to investors who want to assist these firms and thereby the Argentinian economy. The Argentinian government is now focused on opportunities in software development, artificial intelligence, FinTech, and telecom. Any company in Argentina pursuing the B2B services business should be successful if they have the necessary experience, resources, and inventiveness. Argentina's B2-B services business has a strong international reputation. The services industry in Argentina is tremendously successful, accounting for over 60% of the national GDP. If you are interested to pursue startups in Argentina related to B2B services, you can interact with our company formation experts. They can also provide you with detailed assistance if you want to open a branch in this country. 

2. Mining in Argentina 

Argentina also has unrivaled access to natural resources. Mining contributes a significant portion of the country's GDP due to its easy availability. Coal, copper, lead, magnesium, silver, lithium, gold, and other important metals are among the natural resources recovered in Argentina. Argentina's mining and natural resources industry offers several startup chances. Given that just around 15% of Argentina's resources have been explored, there is significant potential in the near future. When establishing a commercial agreement, startups in Argentina might take advantage of international attention. The startup has the potential to become an industry leader if it uses a novel, original, and inventive approach and/or technology. If you are interested in opening a sole trader in Argentina, you are welcome to interact with our experts.

3. Agriculture in Argentina

Agriculture accounts for nearly 9% of the country's GDP. However, Argentina's cattle-related items are in great demand as well. In the worldwide market, beef, leather, and dairy goods are in great demand, and demand for these items from Argentina is particularly high. Argentina's agricultural economy, in general, is fertile with possibilities throughout a wide range of plains. There appear to be an infinite number of possibilities and areas within the industry on which to concentrate one's commercial efforts. Furthermore, as foreign interest in Argentina's agricultural entrepreneurs grows, the government is focused on the sector as well. So, this is a good time to initiate startups in Argentina related to agriculture. Our company formation experts will help you to set up a company in Argentina. Furthermore, if you need any expert assistance regarding choosing a startup in Argentina, you are welcome to ask any questions

Foreign direct investment in Argentina (2020)

Please find below the details of foreign direct investment in Argentina for the year 2020:
  • The total number of greenfield investments was 63;
  • The value of greenfield investment was 4.489 million USD;
  • FDI inward flow was 4.123 million USD;
  • FDI stock was 85.451 million USD.
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