Shelf Company in Argentina

Updated on Friday 13th October 2017

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A businessman from overseas has the possibility of registering a company in Argentina or purchasing a ready-made one which is also known as a shelf company. Such entity is already registered in Argentina and has an available bank account. If you are interested in buying a shelf company in Argentina, we mention that our team of specialists in company incorporation in Argentina is at your disposal with comprehensive information and assistance.

The advantages of a shelf company in Argentina

Ready-made companies in Argentina are registered companies kept on a “shelf” until they age. The purchase of such enterprise is less time-consuming, as there are necessary only a few days to transfer the ownership, sign the contracts and pay the price. This is one of the major reasons why investors choose shelf companies in Argentina. Furthermore, a ready-made company in Argentina already has a bank account, but please consider that if you would like to change the name of your business, the financial institution might require opening a new bank account. Shelf companies in Argentina have a business history behind which will weight much in front of banks' clerks if a credit must be obtained. This is also available for potential clients or suppliers who will trust more a company with history instead if a new one.

At the same time, opening a company in Argentina can be an easy process which can be guided and explained by our company incorporation specialists in Argentina.

Why purchase a shelf company in Argentina?

For a fast introduction of the activities on the market in Argentina, entrepreneurs can choose to buy a shelf company in Argentina. Before making the purchase, one should consider a background check and establish what type of business he/she wants to develop. Besides the advantages mentioned below, we would like to add that a shelf company has no debts or liabilities and it is ready to be launched.

For comprehensive information about how to buy a shelf company in Argentina, we invite you to contact our team of company formation specialists in Argentina.