Set up a Limited Liability Company in Argentina

Updated on Tuesday 24th October 2017

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Limited liability companies in Argentina can be set up with a minimum share capital of 10,000 Argentinian Dollars (A$) and at least two shareholders, no matter from which country. The registration process of companies in Argentina can be explained and guided by our company formation agents in Argentina who can help entrepreneurs in document issues among other several requirements. The same team can help you draft the documents for your LLC in Argentina.

Conditions to open an LLC in Argentina

A LLC in Argentina can be easily registered, as the bureaucracy in this matter has been simplified, due to a large number of entrepreneurs interested in having their operations on the Argentinian market in a less time-consuming manner. Here are the main requirements for setting up a limited liability company in Argentina:

•    reserve the name for your company;
•    prepare the Articles of association;
•    offer information about the firms’ owners;
•    notarize the partners’ signatures;
•    appoint a board of managers for your LLC in Argentina;
•    deposit at least 25% of the minimum share capital in the company’s bank account;
•    register for tax purposes in Argentina;
•    obtain the fiscal code.

When drafting the documents for your business in Argentina, we suggest you address to our specialists in company incorporation in Argentina who can guide you the entire registration process and can explain the conditions as stipulated by the law.

The Public Register of Commerce in Buenos Aires

All companies, no matter the business form, must be registered with the Public Register of Commerce in Buenos Aires, or with the local authorities if other cities are chosen. If the documents and the requirements mentioned above are already fulfilled, then you can direct your attention to the application form for LLCs in Argentina and the incorporation fee. The Public Register of Commerce in Buenos Aires will issue the registration certificate for your enterprise in Argentina.

Register for turnover tax for your LLC in Argentina

From the moment the LLC has been incorporated, the owners must focus on registering for the turnover tax with other local tax authorities. An insurance contract must be issued for future employees in the company.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team of company incorporation experts in Argentina for complete assistance and guidance in registering a limited liability company in Argentina.