Open a Bank Account in Argentina

Updated on Thursday 18th January 2018

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Opening a corporate bank account in Argentina is many times a necessity for legal entities and investors who run their businesses in the country. In this article, our company formation advisors in Argentina provide different information referring to the procedures which are involved in opening such an account here.

The special bank account for investment in Argentina

The special bank account for investment in Argentina enables the legal entities which qualify for it to set up bank accounts for investment purposes with fewer requirements.

This type of account was initiated by the Argentine Central Bank and it is available for both local, as well as foreign investors.

The foreign entrepreneurs should have a financial activity which is authorized, supervised and regulated in the appropriate manner in anti-money-laundering matters in the area where they are incorporated according to the recommendations of the Financial Task Action Force (FATF).

In order to open such an account, certain documents have to be filed with the bank where the entrepreneurs apply, however, there are certain procedures which can quicken the process.

The documents and information needed can be provided directly by the account holder or by the financial institution which is transferring the funds for the Investment Account, be it domestic or foreign.

Our company registration consultants in Argentina can offer all the necessary information related to the documents needed to open a special bank account for investment in Argentina

Procedure involving opening a business bank account in Argentina

In Argentina, generally, in order to open a business bank account, an initial deposit is required to secure the bank account opening.

The value of this deposit depends on each bank and the variable rate of currency exchange. An international finance expert will assist you for these conversions and help you calculate the related fees and minimum amount involved in being able to sustain such a bank account.

It is important to comprehend the interest and growth rates connected with the international bank account so that the applicants can maximize their earnings. Our Argentina company formation agents can assist you with this procedure. We can also help you in setting up a company in Argentina.

If you need to know more about bank accounts in Argentina or for assistance in opening a business here, please get in touch with our company formation representatives in Argentina.