Establish a Branch in Argentina

Updated on Monday 12th February 2018

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A branch in Argentina, also called a representative office, does not imply that a new company has to be set up. Even though a branch in this country has to be registered with the Registry of Commerce at the place of its address, the laws which rule its existence and validity are mainly the ones of the parent company’s country of origin. 
In this article, our company formation advisors in Argentina explain different aspects related to setting up a branch in Argentina.

Registration procedure for a branch in Argentina

In order to register a branch in Argentina, the following documents are necessary:
A prequalification report obtained from a local notary or lawyer. The notary or lawyer’s signature has to be certified by the Argentinian public notaries association or bar association. Our Argentina company formation consultants can provide more information on what this report should include;
The parent company documentation, such as:
     o the articles of formation or incorporation, the bylaws and their amendments;
    o a certificate of good standing, registration and business authorization issued in the home country of the parent company, proving that the corporation is not undergoing liquidation or any other procedure which could prevent it from doing business or disposing of its assets;
     o other documents.
Supplementary documents which should prove that:
    o the company is not forbidden to do business in its country of origin;
    o the company has already set up or holds outside of Argentina:
            one or several operational agencies, branches and representations; and/or
            not-current fixed assets or exploitation rights in third-party assets; and/or
            ownership interests in other businesses which are not listed on the stock exchange; and/or
            regular investment activities in stock markets, as comprised in the parent company’s purpose;
other documents: our company registration agents in Argentina can offer more details on what these other documents may consist of.

Tax obligations for branches in Argentina

In Argentina, non-resident companies without a permanent establishment in the country are taxed only on the income from the Argentinian sources. Our company formation representatives in Argentina can provide further information related to the tax obligations for branches in this country.
If you have more questions about establishing a branch in Argentina, or if you need assistance in setting up any type of a company in Argentina, please get in touch with us.