Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions image February 13, 2018

Argentina is an attractive country for many business people who are interested in doing business here. As follows, our company formation consultants in Argentina present the most frequently asked questions on company formation in this country.

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Establish a Branch in Argentina

Establish a Branch in Argentina image February 10, 2018

A branch in Argentina, also called a representative office, does not imply that a new company has to be set up. Even though a branch in this country has to be registered with the Registry of Commerce of the place of its address, the laws which are ruling the existence and validity are mainly the ones of the parent company’s country of origin.

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Set up a Subsidiary in Argentina

Set up a Subsidiary in Argentina image January 21, 2018

Foreign corporations often choose to do business here by setting up a subsidiary in Argentina, which is a separately incorporated legal entity. The advantage of such a business establishment here is that it only places at risk it locally assigned capital, rather than the entire capital of the parent company.

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Open a Bank Account in Argentina

Open a Bank Account in Argentina image January 17, 2018

Setting up a corporate bank account in Argentina is many times a necessity for legal entities and investors who run their businesses in the country. In this article, our company formation advisors in Argentina provide different information referring to the procedures which are involved in opening such an account here.

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Set up a Limited Liability Company in Argentina

Set up a Limited Liability Company in Argentina image October 24, 2017

Limited liability companies in Argentina can be set up with a minimum share capital of 10,000 Argentinian Dollars (A$) and at least two shareholders, no matter from which country.

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Types of Companies in Argentina

Types of Companies in Argentina image October 21, 2017

Limited liability companies, stock corporations, and partnerships are among preferred legal entities by international and local businessmen. Also, companies from abroad can establish branches in Argentina.

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Trade Register in Argentina

Trade Register in Argentina image October 18, 2017

The Public Register of Commerce of Argentina with the main office in Buenos Aires is in charge of registering the companies in the country whether local or with foreign capital.

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Shelf Company in Argentina

Shelf Company in Argentina image October 13, 2017

A businessman from overseas have the possibility of register a company in Argentina or purchase a ready-made one which is also known as a shelf company.

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Virtual Office in Argentina

Virtual Office in Argentina image October 10, 2017

Companies in Argentina may or may not require a traditional office, as there are also other solutions. One can direct the attention to a virtual office in Argentina.

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